Driving in a car with a dirty or damaged windshield poses serious dangers, especially if the driver is trying to navigate through fog, heavy rain or snow. Despite the risks, many drivers are reluctant to replace a damaged windshield. The rationale adopted by many car owners, especially the younger ones might be: “Why spend the money on a replacement when the current windshield is working perfectly well?”

Here are a few reasons why you should immediately fix a damaged or cracked windshield:

– Dirty or damaged windshields can impair motorists’ ability to judge distances and the movement of other vehicles.
– Windshields that are chipped, cracked and dirty can produce severe eye strain and increase driver fatigue on long journeys.
– Damaged windshields lead to a greater likelihood of injury should an accident occur.
– An undamaged windshield adds vital structural support that can keep a car’s roof from caving in if the vehicle flips over. If the windshield is cracked, it will easily break on contact and the roof will be crushed, causing serious injury to the occupants.
– In the case of an accident, a damaged or cracked windshield means an increased risk of ejection from an accident impact. A sound windshield will prevent occupants from being thrown out of the car, but a damaged windshield will shatter on impact and does not offer any protection.

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