During the winter, our cars have to struggle through the snow, slush and snow. They deserve to be cleaned every now and then. You could take your car to a professional car wash but if you have some free time and like to care for your car on your own, then you can do so by following the tips below:

– Start with the interior and a good airing out. After removing the floor mats, vacuum the seats and floors to remove sand and salt. Check the carpeting for wetness and keep the floor mats out until they are dry.
– Clean all the plastic and vinyl surfaces. Finish up with cleaning the interior windows.
– When washing the exterior of the car, spray out the salt and dirt accumulation from under the wheel wells and rocker panels.
– Under the hood, start by checking all fluid levels.
– Inspect the belts for wear that may show up as cracking or frayed edges. Belts should be tight and should not give more than a half to three-quarters of an inch.
– The radiator and heat hoses should be firm. Hoses that are spongy, cracked, and overly hard or have bulges should be replaced.
– The battery should be checked for proper levels and charge and any accumulated corrosion should be cleaned from the terminals.
– Finally, inspect the tires and check that they are inflated to the recommended pressure.

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