What is the difference between a bad driving record and a good one? As much as several thousand dollars a year or more in auto insurance payments!

A good driving record can mean a difference of thousands of dollars a year on auto insurance. If you are a good driver with no violations or accidents, chances are the insurance company will be willing to give you a good annual insurance premium. If over the years you are able to maintain your impressive record, your insurance premium is likely to go down. The exact opposite occurs for drivers who have poor driving records or those who have been involved in several accidents or have been caught drunk driving.

Drivers with a poor driving record that is muddled with tickets, accidents and infringements will face a wide discrepancy in insurance policy cost. While those arrested for driving under influence will find that most carriers will refuse to renew their policy or even take them on in the first place. The company that eventually agrees to take on a driver with a prior drunk driving record will be charged inflated rates that they may not be able to afford.

Remember that car insurance companies look at your driving record when considering taking you on as a clients. This is why you have to make sure that you receive informative training and driving lessons in order to improve your overall driving skills and to secure affordable monthly payments in the future.

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