While learning how to drive, teens must take two tests, one written and one behind the wheel. This also means they need to take two different classes before they take each test. Teens should listen in these classes and be mature. The first step to being safe is to be taught correctly. You should become more responsible and actually pay attention to what is going on in class. While learning how to drive, learn how to become a good defensive driver. Once you learn how to drive correctly, your knowledge will never leave you.

One thing that teens tend to do while driving is speed. This raises the likelihood of an accident. Not only will it put you in danger, it will also endanger the cars around you. Speeding may become a bad habit and a hard one to break.

The last thing that may become an issue for teen drivers is other teens. When in a car with other teens, it can be hard to concentrate on the road. Research shows that driving with friends in the car can render you up to four times likely to have an accident, something that no one wants to be increasing the likelihood of this early in your driving career. As the driver you are responsible for the passengers in your vehicle. Make sure that everyone is wearing their seatbelt and behaving themselves in your car, otherwise you are simply putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

Keep the tips above in mind to get on the road safely and understand what your responsibilities are to yourself and to those who share the road with you.

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