Everyone has a different pace when it comes to learning how to drive.  There is no set amount of hours for mastering each aspect for your driving test. Some people feel confident with 30 hours of practice while others may take double that time. It’s important to let yourself take as much time as you need and to not compare yourselves to friends, family and peers. Removing comparison will let you focus on what you need to do and complete it as efficiently as possible to the best of your ability. Here is some practical advice to figure out how to schedule driving lessons.

Timing and pace

Firstly, you want to give yourself a good start. Don’t schedule your lessons when you’re tired, overworked or at times that may compromise your driving abilities. Space out your lessons and schedule them intuitively to fit your schedule. Know your best hours in the day and your worst for driving and take these factors into consideration. Some people have a combination of demanding jobs, high workloads at school and other things happening in life – this is all normal and should not compromise your ability to learn!


Having trouble with a particular aspect of driving? This is your time to delve deep into it to become better at it. Driving lessons should be about practicing your weaknesses and improving them. You might have a skill that will take you 3+ lessons to master. That’s okay, ride it out and conquer it. If you tend to take your time to learn things or you’re finding that throughout the process you need more time, don’t be defeated. This is completely normal. Your best course of action is to schedule extra driving lessons with your instructor or drive with a licensed parent or friend for extra practice.

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