Are you nervous about starting your driving career? If the answer is yes, you are among most new drivers. Driving a car is a huge responsibility, and you may feel overwhelmed to begin your path to transportation independence. All drivers were once new at driving, so rest assured—many people are able to empathize. Don’t force yourself to take driving lessons if you still don’t feel ready, as you need to be a willing participant to get the most out of your educational experience.

Here are the best ways to overcome your driving lesson fear, courtesy of the experts at Ambitious Drivers:

Get to the Root of the Problem

In order to overcome your fear of driving, you will first need to understand what exactly scares you about the experience. Are you a perfectionist worried that you will make a mistake? Or are you afraid to try something new?

Once you’ve pinpointed what scares you most about driving, communicate your concerns to your driving instructor. They’ll only be able to help you if you’re open with them about your hesitations. By analyzing the core of your concern, your driving instructor will be able to provide solutions and advice to help overcome your fear together. Remember, driving instructors work with new drivers daily, so they understand your concerns and provide effective strategies.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Even though you’ve probably heard this plenty of times before, the only way to truly boost your confidence is through experience. By developing your driving skills in a lesson-driven environment, you benefit from learning in the presence of an expert. A driving expert works with you to learn from your mistakes and teaches you the strategies you need to be a safe driver.

Towards the end of your driving education, your driving instructor will probably ask you which areas you think you need more practice. A driving instructor will never push you to try a new driving skill if they don’t think you’re ready. They have the expertise to judge if you are advanced enough to go on the highway or attempt a lane change. Try stepping out of your comfort zone during your driving lesson, as it’s an opportunity to work on skills you feel less comfortable with while sitting with an expert.

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Choose Optimal Conditions

Although you aren’t able to determine the weather, you do have the power to choose when you drive. By choosing to drive in the daytime with clear weather conditions, you avoid getting distracted by external factors. If busy roads are a concern in your area, plan your driving practice at a time when there aren’t many people on the road. In doing so, you avoid worrying about other drivers and can instead focus on developing your own driving skills. If traffic is a source of your driving concern, talk to your instructor, as you may be able to schedule a lesson during a peak time that lets you practice with a professional.

At Ambitious Drivers, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome your driving fear by providing you with the tools you need to become a confident driver. Learn more about our mini packages and courses by calling 416-293-6500 today!