Music can be a stimulant, a relaxant and an attention provoker for the novice teenage driver. Studies show that the music a driver chooses to listen to can have an impact on both their physiological state and driving performance. Depending on the person and their driving capability and experience, certain types of music can induce and maintain certain moods which in turn can impact driving behavior.

According to a new study from Ben-Gurion University, teenage novice drivers listening to their preferred music while driving commit a greater number of errors and miscalculations. The study also found that the decibel rate at which music is played can also be a detrimental factor to the quality of driving. Loud music can inhibit the driver from hearing outside noise such as car horns, or an ambulance or cop car. Regardless of the kind of music playing in the car, reactions are slower when the volume is high.

The popularity of music gadgets such as the iPod and iPhone has also increased the incidence of traffic accidents. The song search dilemma is the main issue here, people are scrolling through endless lists of music which causes them to look away from the road more often and for longer periods.

Ambitious Drivers recommends that you tone down or switch off the music when you find yourself in a busy area that requires attention. We also recommend that you prepare a short playlist for the road ahead of time so that you don’t end up scrolling through a playlist while your eyes should be on the road.

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