So you’re a novice driver but you’ve managed to convince your parents into letting you take the car out for your first long distance trip. You’re headed to a music festival with your best and trusted friends and you couldn’t be more excited. Aside from making sure you have enough gas in the tank, food, plus all of your belongings, you have had the oil checked, your tires checked for pressure and your fluids are A-OK.
You know how to change a tire in case there is a flat, and how to jumpstart a motor. And you also have some basic things put into place such as your car’s manual, insurance papers and a CAA card should you need emergency services.
But before you’re officially good-to-go, here are some things you should keep in the car in order to be prepared for anything that can happen.
• A spare tire
• A tire jack and tire iron to install the tire (if you don’t have these the tire is rendered useless!)
• Jumper cables
• Tire pressure gauge
• Duct tape – If your mirror melts off, if anything comes out of place, duct tape is great temp. fix)
• WD-40 – it can be used to revive spark plugs, degrease engines, loosen car door handles and hinges when stuck, remove rust and used for a wide variety of maintenance purposes.
• Flashlight (and an extra battery if necessary)
• Emergency food and water (Granola bars, water bottles – anything that will keep for a long time)
• Seatbelt Cutter – if there’s an accident or anything happens where the seatbelt gets jammed, this is an essential item to have that most people don’t think about.
• Flares or reflective gear – if you pull over at night you should be visible to other drivers
• Physical copies of maps – if data signal or phone battery fails you, you should be able to find out where you are.
• First Aid Kit
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