If you don’t pass your driver’s test the first time, it isn’t the end of the world, don’t worry. In fact, roughly 47.9 % of people pass their driving test the first time. But after all the time, money and effort invested into the first time, why not know exactly what it takes to pass on the first attempt? Here are some tips to maximize those chances to hit the open road.

Sharpen Stops and Go’s

Throughout a driving test, examiners are looking to see how well you can stop and how well you can start moving again. The test is designed to include this many times to assess how safely you can control the car. They will also look at whether you’ve adjusted the appropriate mirrors properly, whether you are in a legal position from the curb and whether you’ve checked your blind spot.

In-car practice

Majority of examiners fail students because they make mistakes at junctions. Have your driving instructor help you practice in high-speed situations so you can sharpen your judgment skills in a real-life situation and develop good clutch control. Furthermore, your instructor will note your weaknesses over the lesson-period. Work on problem areas and mentally prepare yourself for completing them with ease and precision.


Some maneuvers that make or a break a person’s ability to pass their driving test the first time include turns, reversing around a corner, reverse parallel parking and bay parking. Even if you excel at these aspects, ensure you get lots of exposure to different situations where you’ll use these maneuvers.

Keep Calm

Approach your test with a cool and confident head. There’s less room to make mistakes if you decide to put your energy into the tasks in front of you and keep your nerves in check. If there are too many nerves around a particular aspect of your test, you are more inclined to make mistakes!

Register with us if you or a family member is ready to start the process of learning to drive. Our thoughtful instructors are equipped to safely teach driving skills to the next generation of drivers and we prepare our students to excel on the first attempt of their test. If you have any further questions, contact us today for more information!