Nothing is worse than hearing about the death of people who didn’t wear their seat belts, especially when it is revealed later that they would have survived if only they had buckled up.

The seat belt was not designed as a car decoration, or to be selectively worn on highways or mountainous roads. The seatbelt was designed to be worn everywhere and at all times because we are never able to pick and choose when we crash.

Most people take the seat belt for granted. We like to remind our pupils that no one is invincible in a car accident; the human body is no match for metal, glass and pavement. Below are four ways the seat belt protects occupants of the vehicle from serious injury:

– Keeps the occupants of the vehicle inside. People thrown from a vehicle are four times more likely to be killed than those who remain inside.
– The seat belt is designed to contact your body at its strongest parts, the hips and shoulders.
– The seat belt spreads the force of the crash over a wide area of the body. By putting less stress on any one area, a seatbelt can help you avoid serious injury.
– The seat belt help keep your head and upper body away from the dashboard, steering wheel, and other hard interior parts of the automobile should you stop suddenly or be hit by another vehicle.

Wearing a seat belt is still the single most effective thing you can do to increase your chance of surviving through an accident unharmed and reducing any injuries you may suffer from an accident. Increase your odds for safety by wearing your seatbelt. Buckle-up, always!

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