Winter driving lessons are of utmost importance for anyone learning how to drive in Canada. Mother Nature herself contributes to multiple inches of snow each year, in addition to the occasional winter storm. Our courses give students the skills necessary to confidently control any type of vehicle on ice and snow covered surfaces. We work to empower students into managing situations combining frigid winter weather and encountering ice on the roadway. After completing their education with us our students are capable of driving on dry, wet or icy conditions.

At Ambitious Drivers Inc. our goal is to be an important teaching resource that instills skill and confidence in our students. In the courses we offer, our students learn a few basic principles concerning physics and vehicle dynamics in order to better manage their vehicles and keep them under control in some of the scariest and most anxiety-ridden situations. We teach them the principles of grip and traction and how they relate to the hold a vehicle has on the road surface.

Most importantly, we advocate that confidence and knowledge which are the main factors necessary to help you remain safe in all sorts of adverse weather conditions. Even when you are driving a smaller vehicle in a winter storm, if you remain calm, make calculated moves and do not overreact, you can get home safely.

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