Now that the roads are clear from the wet and slippery conditions of winter, you may think that getting behind the wheel is a breeze. Just because the weather is more pleasant, doesn’t mean the summer isn’t full of its own particular driving hazards. It’s important for new drivers especially to be aware of the kinds of dangers they may face on the road this summer. Here are some of the most common summer driving hazards so you can be totally prepared behind the wheel this season.

Increased Construction

The favourable weather conditions of the summer make it the ideal time for construction. You may notice increased construction on the roads during the summer months, leading to road closures and more traffic than usual. Drivers must be vigilant to follow all signs and detours in regards to construction to avoid any surprise accidents or run-ins with construction crews on the road.

Bicyclist and Other Motorists

Once the roads begin to clear, the number of bikes and motorcycles on the road will begin to rise. Drivers should be extra cautious to ensure a safe distance between themselves and motorcyclists, as well as being aware that motorcyclists can be difficult to see and often disappear into your blind spot. Make sure to give cyclists extra room as well and be careful when opening car doors and making right turns to avoid accidentally hitting them.

While there are certainly less dangers on the road in the summer than in the winter, the summer can still present its own challenges for drivers. If you exercise skill and caution, you can ensure that you, your vehicle, your passengers, and other motorists remain safe this summer.

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