Being a new driver can be intimidating. Getting on the road for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you’re driving on a busy road or alongside aggressive drivers. At Ambitious Drivers, we are dedicated to teaching you all the skills you need to make sure you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by new drivers so you know what behaviour to avoid once you get out on the road.

Getting Distracted

Maintaining focus is one of the important things for any driver to remember. If you’re inexperienced behind the wheel, you may have trouble staying concentrated during long drives. Keep your focus by limiting the amount of distractions in your car. Putting your phone on silent while you drive, for example, can prevent you from being tempted to answer text messages while on the road, which can be a serious safety hazard.

Following Too Closely

Another common mistake made by new drivers is following other cars too closely. Eager to keep pace, many inexperienced drivers try to stay as close to the car in front of them as possible. This can cause accidents if vehicles stop suddenly or hit a rough patch of road. Be aware of how much distance is between your car and the car ahead of you and make sure you give other vehicles an adequate amount of space on the road to prevent a fender-bender.

Not Adjusting Mirrors Correctly

Many drivers make a crucial error before even pulling out of their parking spot: not adjusting their mirrors correctly. Your rear view and side mirrors aren’t simply for decoration; they’re important tools to maintain your visibility and control on the road. There will always be a “blind spot” in side mirrors, the size of this spot increases if the mirrors aren’t adjusted properly, which can lead to serious accidents and dangerous situations on the road.

Being a new driver may feel overwhelming, but with the right training and guidance you can get out on the road with ease and confidence. Trust the experienced instructors at Ambitious Drivers to give you to skills you need to pass your driver’s test and feel cool, calm and collected behind the wheel. For more information about our driving courses and instructors, contact us today at Ambitious Drivers.