Planning and preparing before you begin driving is extremely important. Defensive driving begins with making sure your vehicle is in safe running order. Before going on the road, check the lights, fluids, belts and tire conditions to make sure that the vehicle is safe.

On a personal level, check yourself to make sure you are not too tired or stressed to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. For example, if you haven’t had a meal in over 20 hours or if you are sleep deprived, simply do not get into the car. Risking your life is not worth it! You have several options such as calling a cab or asking for a ride from a friend.

Before you hit the road, plan your route via Google maps or using a GPS, this can help alleviate some of the stress in driving. Once inside the vehicle, sit up straight and raise your seat’s head restraint so that it is even with your ears. Adjust the driver’s seat to keep plenty of space between you and the steering wheel to allow for air bag inflation in the sudden cause of an accident. If necessary, especially if you share a car with someone else, adjust all mirrors so that you can see clearly around and behind you. Finally, as you prepare to leave, don’t forget to buckle up.

As basic as these steps may sound to some readers, many people (some who have been driving for years), fail to pay attention or follow through with these steps. Remember that defensive driving starts with taking responsibility of your personal safety and the status of your car.

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