As part of our commitment to promote safe driving practices, Ambitious Drivers provides specialized courses like defensive driving, incident avoidance and other complementary activities that promote progressive driver development.

In the last few years, Ambitious Drivers has witnessed exponential growth and today boasts an impressive fleet of training cars backed by professional and well trained team of driving instructors. Our trustworthy and approachable team of professional instructors work hard to instil and improve the fundamental skills of every student that enrols in our school.

We are not simply a driving school – we are also an institution that emphasizes life lessons and responsible driving. We go beyond simply teaching people have to drive but also we take this teaching opportunity to instill life skills to our students, especially the younger and more impressionable ones. In the last few years we worked to modernize our education system to suit this generation’s driving needs.

At Ambitious Drivers, we take a more contemporary and relevant approach to drivers education. Our pioneer training programme, aims to further enhance the skills of new drivers through a comprehensive and scientifically-designed training course. For more information visit our Web site, or call (416) 293-6500