A driver’s test can be extremely stressful for the person sitting in the driver’s seat. This is going to make the difference between getting your license or having to rely on everyone else for rides for a long time. Nobody wants to fail, so making sure that you are completely prepared is the only way to assure that you pass. Parking may be one of the most difficult parts of the test, especially when you have to parallel park on a busy road. Here is how to parallel park on your driver’s test, and go home as a newly licensed driver.

First, be completely aware of the road around you

We cannot overstate how important this. Check behind you and to the sides before even attempting to get into the space. Look in all of the mirrors, and see how many cars are coming at you. Signal properly so that people know you are getting off to the side to park, and don’t slam on the breaks or else people behind you might run into your rear. Being aware of your surroundings will keep everyone safe.

Get alongside

Pull up alongside of the car, and leave about a meter of space between the two vehicles. Line yourselves up using the side mirrors as a guide. Once you are properly in line, it will make it a lot easier to do the next step.


Begin reversing slowly. It is important to monitor traffic all around as you are doing this to make sure that nobody is coming up to far behind. As you are going slowly with the wheel turned, you will begin to enter the space. As soon as the corner of the vehicle appears in your left mirror, you know that it is time to make that full turn in the opposite direction to try and get in the space.

Straighten out

Once you are in the space, you need to straighten out the wheel and get the car in snuggly. Move up a little bit if you have to. Check all around you to make sure that you are a proper distance from the curb, and get out. All you have to do now is marvel at the parking job that you just did.

Parallel parking is perhaps the most nerve-wracking aspect of becoming a licensed driver. It is far more difficult than any of the other manoeuvres that a young driver has to learn. With these tips, though, you can learn how to parallel park on your driver’s test, and ace it. Don’t let it scare you, our comprehensive lessons will have you prepared for the big day.