When we consume alcohol our central nervous system, which normally warns us of potential dangers, begins to relax. The more alcohol is consumed, the less likely a driver will be able to respond to dangers, especially when driving. Alcohol dulls the very skills and coordination needed to drive safely.

Myth #1: “Coffee will sober me up!”
Only time can rid your body of alcohol. The caffeine in coffee will help you feel less drowsy but that does not mean you are more alert and able to drive. The same goes for fresh air, a loud radio, or cold water. Nothing but time will return your alertness, motor skills, and judgment if you have been drinking.

Myth #2
“If I don’t feel drunk that means I’m not drunk!”
Being able to drink a lot without “feeling drunk” does not mean you are unaffected by alcohol. People do not feel or see “drunken” behavior. Despite how in control we feel when we drink, that may not be the case!

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