Sometimes it can be the little things that make or break your road test success. It can be a nervous or anxious time, but if you are prepared, confident, and smart, you can pass with flying colours! Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind when you approach getting your driving test.

Get Plenty of Practice

Practice makes perfect – it is true! For the best preparation possible, enrolling with a driving instructor or a driving school will be the best decision for you. Getting practise with a teacher can not only successfully prepare you for your driving test, but also for being a driver in day to day life.

Pre-Car Ritual

Make yourself a little miniature ritual to perform before you start your car. Take a quick inspection of the car and its wheels, adjust your mirrors once seated and buckled in, have the radio turned off, and check to see if your signal lights are fully functional. This kind of precautionary behaviour reflects excellently on you when you meet up with your driving tester for the first time.

Always Obey Signage

No matter what it is, keep an eye on the road signs during your test. Paying close attention to speed limits in your area is only prudent. Driving too fast is dangerous for obvious high-velocity reasons, but driving too slow can also be hazardous to drivers around you – keep just under the speed limit by about five kilometres (no more!) and you should be set.

Put Your Parking Break in Practice

You are going to need to use your parking break, especially when parking on hills, whether the car is parked facing uphill or downhill. Point your wheels so that if the car were to start moving, it would roll/steer away from the road and stop safely on the curb or somewhere similar. Remember to take it off before resuming your test! Driving with the parking break on is very bad for your car.

Don’t panic! Follow what you learned, remember these tips, and your driving test should be a roaring success. Happy driving!