Teenagers generally have all the physical traits and qualities to be good drivers. Their sight and hearing is sharp and their reflexes are quick and efficient. Yet despite the advantage of having these physical traits, statistics still show that teenagers are eight times more likely to get into an automobile accident than drivers who have more experience.

We believe the reason to this high rate of accidents is due to a lack of guidance when the students are gathering the experience that enables them to cope with the unexpected and unfamiliar situations they will eventually encounter.

Students need to be taught and trained how to react should they get into emergency or find themselves in urgent situation. A good driving instructor should train new drivers on how to react should a car suddenly pull out of a driveway or if someone makes a sudden stop. This will enable them to react swiftly to avoid and steer themselves away from dangerous situations.

We have to be very careful around teenagers who are learning to drive and working their way to their licence. We all know that the first thing they are likely to do once they pass the driving test is to get together with their buddies and load them up for a drive. When you put lot of kids in a car, one mistake by a new driver can result in serious injury and possibly worse scenarios.

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