Taking a driver’s test can be very stressful, and on top of that there is so much that you need to learn before you even get a chance to take it that sometimes it can seem impossible. We are here to help you every step of the way so that you can pass with flying colors. Not only do we have the best instructors around, but we also offer flexible courses to fit your busy schedule. The different types of courses that we offer are:

Our standard course

Our standard course is taken by people who have who have enough time to complete the course before needing their license. It must be completed within 6 months. The certificate that you earn from our course is recognized by the insurance industry, and your waiting period will be reduced to 8 months. Our standard course includes:

  • 10 hours of driving
  • 20 hours in class
  • 10 hours of homework

You will learn the ins and outs of the techniques of driving, as well as the rules of the road and how to react to other drivers. This is the course that the vast majority of our students take.

Mini packages

If you are someone who has taken a course before but feel like you need a little bit more practice or instruction, then we can happily accommodate you with one of our mini packages. These offer limited instruction and road time, but are designed only for people who need a little bit more to get them over the hump. With this course you will receive either 4 lessons and a road test or 2 lessons and a road test depending on which package you choose. You will not be given an insurance discount certificate upon completion.

Intensive courses

Our intensive courses are designed for people who are short on time, and need to get their certificate and instruction right away. It could be that you need your license before going away, or simply won’t have time to study in the upcoming months. Whatever the reason, an intense course could be the right answer for you. It takes place over 4 days so be prepared to do all of the hours of driving and classroom work in that short time. It takes place over holidays, weekends, and other times outside of normal scheduling. You will need to complete the driving as well as the classwork in order to receive your insurance discount.

Getting your license to drive is a major step in life, and one that can be a little stressful on people at times. Doing all that work while juggling other things in your life isn’t easy. That’s why we not only offer great instruction, but we also offer it at flexible times to accommodate your needs. Ambitious Drivers is here to help you get that driver’s license.