The danger of drinking while driving is well documented, if not always well heeded. Today’s drivers however are functioning under the influence of a host of distractions, and they too can prove deadly.

All of the efforts of car manufacturers to make today’s cars safer are diluted by irresponsible drivers who do not think that maneuvering a heavy vehicle at lethal speed deserves their undivided attention.

Consider, for instance, what now passes for everyday behavior among numerous drivers – activities such as eating or drinking, grooming, applying makeup, texting and speaking on the phone while maneuvering and operating a vehicle are not even considered to be inappropriate!

It takes a few brief seconds to punch in a telephone number, to apply mascara, or to react to pouring hot coffee all over you — just enough to crash your car or take someone’s life.

What price are we willing to pay for fulfilling our little distractions and conveniences?

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