You know that person sitting across from you in the car watching your every move? That person whose job it is to decide whether or not you fit enough as a driver to be legally allowed on the road. That’s your driving instructor, and despite what many young students think, they aren’t scary and mean at heart.

Most students spend so much time worrying that they often make some mistakes that they could have avoided. Here are 3 things your driving instructor wishes you knew when you got in the car.

Driving instructors want you to pass!

Believe it or not, the driving instructor is not against you; in fact, it’s the opposite. They want you to pass! Students tend to get very worried and they focus on not upsetting the instructor. Even to the point of being overly cautious on the road. Our best advice is to relax, not pay much attention to the instructor, and just do your best.

Technique is more important than knowledge

Understanding the rules of the road is important to safe driving, but the technique that you drive with is much more important than the things that you know. Having a good feel for the car, being able to react to other drivers, and adjusting your style to what’s going on in your environment are far more important than knowing how many seconds to leave before merging. Keep calm, pay attention to the road, and worry about other stuff later.

Parking isn’t make or break

Notice how all children’s cartoons and comedy sketches seem to involve a hapless student who can’t park a car worrying about getting their license? For the most part, it reflects reality. A lot of our students here at Ambitious Drivers worry about being able to park, and blow everything way out of proportion. Parking is very important, don’t get us wrong, but not being able to park perfectly isn’t the end of the world. You could easily improve. What instructors care about is your ability to drive a car.

Ambitious Drivers helps prepare drivers for the road test, and our goal is produce the best and safest drivers possible. Before you get into that car, remember these 3 things that your driving instructor wishes you knew, because they might just come in handy. Keep calm and drive safely!