The type of gearbox in your car will make for a completely different driving experience. Manual transmission gives the driver more control, as it allows you to shift gears on your own. Manually changing gears requires practice, as it involves engaging gears and disengaging gears while manipulating the clutch. In an automatic car, the gear change happens automatically.
New car sales also reflect the trend toward automatic transmissions but what are the main benefits of driving an automatic?

Benefits of automatic transmissions:
– Thanks to modern technology and computers, automatic transmissions these days are so efficient they offer fuel economy that is competitive, and in rare cases superior to that of a standard transmission.
– Automatic transmissions allow the driver to have his/her right hand free for other purposes.

Disadvantages of automatic transmissions:
– Although they are undeniably more efficient than they used to be, automatics still return slightly inferior fuel economy in all driving conditions.
– Automatics cost more. In most cases, ordering one will run you at least an additional $1,000. They are also much more expensive to repair, as modern automatic transmissions are loaded with sophisticated electronics, microprocessors, sensors and so on.

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