You’ve been practicing behind the wheel for months and finally the big day comes and you choke during your driver’s test. Sometimes nerves can get the best of new drivers and they can forget all the skills they’ve learned during the big test. Many drivers have to attempt their test several times before they finally pass. Here are a few of the silly mistakes you can make during your driver’s test that can cost you your licence.

Incomplete Stops

One of the biggest mistakes new drivers make during their test is making incomplete stops. A rolling stop is an indication of a lack of control behind the wheel that can cause many driving instructors to fail you. Make sure you are making complete stops that are behind the line of demarkation.

Changing Lanes Incorrectly

When changing lanes, it’s important to signal your intention to change lanes, and then make sure to check your mirrors and blind spot before doing so. Forgetting even one of those steps during your driver’s test can result in a failing grade. Only switch lanes once it is clear to do so, keep your speed up and watch the traffic in front of you as well.

Driving Too Fast or Too Slow

This one almost goes without saying, but it’s important to respect the speed limit and maintain the correct speed for the conditions of the road. Driving above the speed limit is against the law and will result in a failing grade on your driving test. Driving too slowly can create a safety hazard for you and other vehicles on the road.

Not Checking Mirrors

As a rule of thumb, it’s better to over-check your mirrors than check them too little. Even if you aren’t changing lanes, it’s a good idea to refer to your rear-view and side mirrors to know where other vehicles are in relation to you. Many new drivers forget to check their mirrors while on the road and this subtle move can make the difference between passing and failing your driver’s test.

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