You use your car almost every day, but how often do you clean it? A clean car is part of a regular maintenance routine that will improve your car’s resale value and give you the opportunity to check for deficiencies. Spring is an ideal time to clean your car, as removing dust and dirt will reduce the impact of allergens associated with the season.

The experts at Ambitious Drivers have provided you with the top ways to clean your car at home:

Take Out All the Contents

The only way to properly deep clean your car is to remove all of its contents. This includes all items buried in hidden compartments and removing protective mats. Once all of the items are removed, do a first-pass vacuuming to remove large chunks of dirt and dust. Most vacuums come with a precision tool that allows you to target hard-to-reach areas, or a special tool designated for carpet surfaces. Try using these tools, if you have them, after the initial vacuuming to remove any remaining dust and hidden crumbs.

Deep Clean

Cleaning fabrics is the only way to remove deep-set odours in your car. Car seats and carpets become a hotspot for crumbs and stains that result in your car looking like a mess. There are several at-home remedies that you can find online, but to remove tough grease, try a solution of laundry detergent and water. In the presence of extremely heavy-duty stains, use a stiff brush to get deeper into the fabric fibers. Avoid saturating surfaces when cleaning to reduce the chances of mould and mildew forming. In the event that the fabric becoming excessively damp, absorb the excess liquid with a dry cloth or use a hairdryer to accelerate water evaporation.

Wash Plastics & Vinyl

To effectively clean the interior of car doors, use a dry fibre cloth over the area to remove surface dust. Once this layer is removed, use a damp cloth with a vinyl and plastic solution to remove tough dirt and grime. It’s important to use a soft cloth when doing so to avoid unwanted scratches. If you want to give you car’s vinyl surfaces some extra care, consider applying a protective layer that prevents sun and heat damage.

Fix Squeaks

Do you hear a squeaking noise every time you open your car door? These unnecessary squeaks are annoying and are caused by corrosion in the hinge or lock. This is easily fixed by using a lubrication on the hinge. After applying it, make sure to open and close the door, so the solution coats the interior of the hinge. It’s important to note that hinges with excessive rust may need to be replaced so if the squeaking doesn’t improve, contact an auto technician to get an assessment.

Wash the Exterior

Cleaning the exterior of your car is extremely important with harsh Canadian winters. Salt and dirt scratch your car, which can lead to rust.  When washing your car, make sure to use the appropriate solution for your car’s paint type as some can unfortunately strip wax from the car. During the washing process, it’s important to continuously rinse to prevent rubbing in dirt and grime, which can create scratches. Finish off the car washing process by drying off the car with a clean cotton cloth; this step is crucial to prevent water marks from air drying, particularly if you have a dark-coloured car.

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