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Obtaining a driver’s license is one of the most exciting parts of a young person’s journey. Besides giving the recipient a big boost in their independence, gaining the legal ability to drive can also provide families with some much-needed additional flexibility in their transportation options in Scarborough, Ontario. Don’t feel like driving the kids to school or to after-school activities? No problem! Now they can drive themselves!

However, the freedom to drive is also a huge responsibility, and it is a responsibility that we take extremely seriously at Ambitious Drivers Inc.  Our school is where new drivers gain the sort of valuable experience they absolutely require to be safe out on the roads while getting where they need to go. After learning from us, not only will they be safer out on the roads, but the people around them will be safer as well.

Our team of certified, professional, highly qualified and experienced driving instructors are committed to serving our community, so whether you are searching for a driving school in Markham, a driving school in Scarborough, Ontario,  or even if you want to brush up on your skills as an older driver, we have the MTO approved team of experts that will be perfect for you. With the right driving instructor, anything is possible.

Ambitious Driver’s Inc. offers driving classes and driving lessons in Scarborough with an emphasis on defensive driving techniques. Our course material is designed to teach students the kind of safe, responsible confidence in their driving abilities that will make them the safest drivers out on the roads. After learning from the best at Ambitious Drivers Inc., you will approach the road in a whole new way.

We offer a variety of packages in Scarborough, Ontario to students of all stripes, with the option to purchase something as small as individual 1-hour lessons, larger three-hour packages (with or without a road test included), or our most comprehensive packages that include in-class training, in-car training, homework packages and workbooks, as well as MTO certificates. Check out our schedule here to find out what time works best for you. We want to be flexible so that you can get your license on your own time! We also offer the ability to pay in installments.

Our main priority is to make sure that driving students in Scarborough get the information and experience they need to become the drivers they always wanted to be. The combination of instructional videos, real world driving experience and practice exams will not only test their theoretical knowledge, but also their real-life reactions to traffic scenarios. Graduates of our program will be happy they signed up. And you don’t have to take our word for it – read what some of our satisfied customers thought on our testimonials page.

If you have any questions, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to explain more over the phone or by email.

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  • We are a Ministry approved driving school.
  • Classes and lessons conveniently located in Scarborough.
  • We have a group of certified, professional, highly qualified and experienced driving instructors.
  • We provide training on efficient and long lasting techniques for defensive driving.
  • Ministry – Approved BDE course provider.


For in-car sessions, we provide training for all G license levels.
Our students in the past have ranged across all age levels who have been able to succesfully acquire their licenses.
This is a testimonial to the excellent skills of our instructors who will provide the utmost amount care and precision to ensure that all our students pass their tests with flying colours.
We believe in the utmost amount of satisfaction for our students in their training and try our best to suit their needs for in-class and during in-car sessions, to provide a maximum level of comfort.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with all the information that you need to know to obtain your driver’s license, sign-up for in-car lessons, sign-up for driving tests or answer any other questions that you may have.

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4-Day courses are now available. Please view our SCHEDULE for more details.