Everybody loves road trips. People piling in the car together, getting all physically close, listening to the same music, and taking hours to get some place … oh wait, that sounds potentially awful.

Road trips can be a fond memory that lasts a lifetime, or a terrible experience that ruins friendships and causes family trauma. Here are some handy tips to keep your road trip as drama-free and painless as possible.

Have Food / Water

  • Nothing shortens tempers faster than lack of food and water – and those who are in a hurry are not going to want to stop at a gas station right away. So pack some snacks and a water bottle.

Chip in On Gas Money

  • If you’re all in the car, you all share the cost. You’re never going to get a ride again if you don’t pitch in (and remember, owning a car has far more expenses than just gas, so you are paying only part of the price).

What’s Your Role?

  • Okay, so you got shot gun. That doesn’t mean you can fall asleep – now you are in charge of making sure that the driver is alert and awake throughout the whole drive. Better take charge of the music and make sure that you keep the conversation going! (You’re also in charge of directions.)

Change Drivers

  • Driving can be a tiring task. If you can, offer to take turns driving. (If you can’t, start the process of getting your license at Ambitious Drivers today!)

Take Breaks

  • I know you want to get where you are going, but take the time to enjoy the road. Stop at that cool park or sanctuary you pass, pick up some fruit from the roadside market, get out and breathe the air. You’ll all feel refreshed and you’ll get to experience the beauty of the journey, not just the destination.

Stock Up On Energy

  • At the end of the journey, everyone’s going to get tired. Make time to stop and get coffee, juice, tea, or whatever it is you need to keep going. Driving while drowsy is dangerous, and if the whole car is sleepy, the driver will be too.

Bring Comfy Items

  • Pillows and blankets will make your trip so much better.

At Ambitious Drivers, we know that road trips can be the best if you are prepared. Stock up on all the items you need to make this trip pleasant one and get on the road this spring break!