Many people misunderstand the role of the “designated driver.” A designated driver is a pre-appointed member of any group who will abstain from drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or smoking marijuana so that they can safely drive others home after an event. This eliminates the need to organize cabs or take multiple vehicles. A designated driver is not the individual who has had the least amount of alcohol to drink or the closest to feeling sober.

The easiest way to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time at any event is to plan how everyone is going to get to and from each location. By planning efficiently before any get-together, you eliminate any unexpected surprises and the designated driver of your group knows what to expect.

In the event that having a designated driver doesn’t go according to plan (the responsible driver gets too drunk or high to drive), you can utilize Operation Red Nose or other safe-driving programs in your area. Calling a sober friend or family member to come and get you, or taking a taxi or an Uber are also safe alternatives.