To keep your car driving smoothly and safely, it’s important that you keep it properly maintained all year round. The high temperatures of summer can present specific challenges for your car, such as damaged batteries, deflated tires, and overworked cooling systems. These summertime car issues can decrease your vehicle’s performance and put your safety at risk. Below are some tips to keep your car in good condition this summer.

Check Your Tires

Many drivers don’t give their tires the attention they need. Under inflated or over inflated tires can lead to serious road accidents. Under inflated tires can cause your tires to pop, while over inflated tires can lead to a loss of control and hydroplaning in wet conditions. Misaligned tires can make steering more difficult to control, which can be very dangerous for new drivers. Rising temperatures can alter your tire pressure, so it’s important to have you tires regularly inspected, inflated and re-aligned.

De-Winterize Your Car

While most drivers recognize the importance of winterizing their vehicles, many forget to give their vehicles a complete and thorough cleaning and repair once the season is over. Removing your winter tires will help you maximize your fuel efficiency. Cleaning the undercarriage of your car after winter will help prevent rust and damage from snow and salt buildups. It’s also important to check all of your fluid levels at the beginning of summer to make sure they’re all full and clean and to ensure there’s no leaks or cracks in any hoses or valves. Keep your car running properly this summer by giving it a full inspection and tune-up after a long, harsh winter.

Besides safe driving habits, the best way to avoid accidents on the road is to make sure our vehicle is in good condition. Summer car maintenance may seem like no big deal, but it’s as important as keeping your car protect during to winter. To learn more about safe driving practices, sign up for our Ministry-Approved driving lesson. Contact us for more information about how we can help you to become a confident and safe driver.