Those who are planning to take a road trip vacation should perform essential car maintenance checks, such as oil, cooling fluid and tire pressure. Drivers should also familiarize themselves with the driving rules and the road conditions of the countries they plan to visit.

Below is a short guideline we have put together to help drivers who will be going on road trips this summer. Keep the tips below in mind and you will encounter an enjoyable and safe journey:

– Drivers should be aware of some of the hazards that can affect driving in the summer months. High temperatures can affect the rubber on tyres, and under-inflation of tyres can add to the problems, causing friction and additional wear on weak spots.
– Drivers should check the condition of their car’s tyres regularly, and make sure they are correctly inflated and unaffected by the journey.
– Before travelling, drivers should look at the coolant reservoir level in the engine and checking for leaking hoses.
– Drivers should check their air conditioning system before a journey.
– Drivers should be mindful of speed limits. Speed limits vary from one country to another.
– Drivers should ensure that they have appropriate insurance and breakdown cover.

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