Courtesy is a quality every individual needs to have in every single thing one does in life, and driving is no exception. The majority of drivers think that driving is just getting from point A to point B, but the truth is not that simple.

The road is composed of cars that range in sizes and drivers who have different behavioral qualities and thinking capabilities. To ensure that you are able to move from point A to point B and arrive safely as well, you need to exercise care and politeness while on the road.

Below are some basic driving etiquette tips that you need to know.

Obey the speed limit

Unless you are driving an ambulance or a fire engine, you need to obey the speed limit signs displayed on various roads across the country. It is important to know that driving in reality is not like racing on a video game console. Driving too fast will lead to severe accidents that will end up in loss of life and damage to property.

Driving too slow is not advisable as you will be preventing other drivers from reaching their destination at the required time, and also potentially create hazards to the road. Always follow the speed limit.

Yield to pedestrians

As a motorist, it is important to remember that at one point of your life you were or you will be a pedestrian. Accidents happen and knocking down a pedestrian while you are in a hurry is a life-altering tragedy that can happen in a split second.

Even in a situation where the pedestrians are taking advantage of that stop sign or red light, you need to yield to them. The best way to handle a situation like that is not to zoom past them but to either wave at them or acknowledge them with eye contact.

Be extra careful when driving with a passenger

Driving your passengers like you are in an action movie is the worst kind of driving that any driver can display while on the road. Passengers, whether adults or children, need to arrive at their destination safely.

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