Driving with Friends

July 17th, 2014|0 Comments

While learning how to drive, teens must take two tests, one written and one behind the wheel. This also means they need to take two different classes before they take each test. Teens should listen in these classes and be mature. The first step to being safe is to be taught correctly. You should become more responsible and actually pay attention to what is going on in class. While learning how to drive, learn how to become a good defensive driver. Once you learn how to drive correctly, your knowledge will never leave you. One thing that teens tend to [...]

Don’t Become a Statistic – Wear your Seatbelt

July 3rd, 2014|0 Comments

Nothing is worse than hearing about the death of people who didn’t wear their seat belts, especially when it is revealed later that they would have survived if only they had buckled up. The seat belt was not designed as a car decoration, or to be selectively worn on highways or mountainous roads. The seatbelt was designed to be worn everywhere and at all times because we are never able to pick and choose when we crash. Most people take the seat belt for granted. We like to remind our pupils that no one is invincible in a car accident; [...]

Traffic Sign and Road Marking Knowledge Improves Driving

June 18th, 2014|0 Comments

Learning how to operate a car does not necessarily make you a good driver, your safety is also determined by how attentive you are on the road. This is why it is of utmost importance that you are able to understand the meaning of all traffic signs and make correct use of them. Traffic signs and road markings play a huge part in the observation, awareness, planning and execution of safe driving. The majority of traffic signs are intuitive; some signs are confusingly similar and could mean very different things. When you instantly know what traffic signs mean, you can [...]

Driving a Manual Car

May 23rd, 2014|0 Comments

The type of gearbox in your car will make for a completely different driving experience. Manual transmission gives the driver more control, as it allows you to shift gears on your own. Manually changing gears requires practice, as it involves engaging gears and disengaging gears while manipulating the clutch. In an automatic car, the gear change happens automatically. New car sales also reflect the trend toward automatic transmissions but what are the main benefits of driving an automatic? Benefits of automatic transmissions: - Thanks to modern technology and computers, automatic transmissions these days are so efficient they offer fuel economy [...]

Teenage Driving

May 9th, 2014|0 Comments

Teenagers generally have all the physical traits and qualities to be good drivers. Their sight and hearing is sharp and their reflexes are quick and efficient. Yet despite the advantage of having these physical traits, statistics still show that teenagers are eight times more likely to get into an automobile accident than drivers who have more experience. We believe the reason to this high rate of accidents is due to a lack of guidance when the students are gathering the experience that enables them to cope with the unexpected and unfamiliar situations they will eventually encounter. Students need to be [...]

How to Overcome Driving Test Jitters

April 25th, 2014|0 Comments

Some people are brilliant at things until it comes to taking tests. The nerves and pressure often get the best of them and they lose their calmness and control. Passing the driving test is often as much about confidence and a relaxed and focused approach as anything else, and the ability to cope with stress is an increasingly important attribute for all drivers. Those preparing for their driving test, need to remember that failing it does not necessarily make them bad drivers, because it is just as likely to mean they are simply stressed. Here are 10 ways to overcome [...]

A Good Driving Record and Insurance Premiums

April 9th, 2014|0 Comments

What is the difference between a bad driving record and a good one? As much as several thousand dollars a year or more in auto insurance payments! A good driving record can mean a difference of thousands of dollars a year on auto insurance. If you are a good driver with no violations or accidents, chances are the insurance company will be willing to give you a good annual insurance premium. If over the years you are able to maintain your impressive record, your insurance premium is likely to go down. The exact opposite occurs for drivers who have poor [...]

Myths of Drinking and Driving

March 20th, 2014|0 Comments

When we consume alcohol our central nervous system, which normally warns us of potential dangers, begins to relax. The more alcohol is consumed, the less likely a driver will be able to respond to dangers, especially when driving. Alcohol dulls the very skills and coordination needed to drive safely. Myth #1: "Coffee will sober me up!" Only time can rid your body of alcohol. The caffeine in coffee will help you feel less drowsy but that does not mean you are more alert and able to drive. The same goes for fresh air, a loud radio, or cold water. Nothing [...]

Ambitious Drivers Promotes Road Safety

March 5th, 2014|0 Comments

As part of our commitment to promote safe driving practices, Ambitious Drivers provides specialized courses like defensive driving, incident avoidance and other complementary activities that promote progressive driver development. In the last few years, Ambitious Drivers has witnessed exponential growth and today boasts an impressive fleet of training cars backed by professional and well trained team of driving instructors. Our trustworthy and approachable team of professional instructors work hard to instil and improve the fundamental skills of every student that enrols in our school. We are not simply a driving school - we are also an institution that emphasizes life [...]

Avoid Dangerous Distractions When Driving

February 19th, 2014|0 Comments

The danger of drinking while driving is well documented, if not always well heeded. Today's drivers however are functioning under the influence of a host of distractions, and they too can prove deadly. All of the efforts of car manufacturers to make today's cars safer are diluted by irresponsible drivers who do not think that maneuvering a heavy vehicle at lethal speed deserves their undivided attention. Consider, for instance, what now passes for everyday behavior among numerous drivers - activities such as eating or drinking, grooming, applying makeup, texting and speaking on the phone while maneuvering and operating a vehicle [...]

Isabel Bhuiyan
Great driving school! My instructor Mukhtar taught me all that was needed for me to pass my G2. Rubina helped me work through the process of completing the online training and moving immediately forward into my lessons. She also helped book my test at the test centre of my choice, which was not at all easy to do with all the pandemic backlog. I highly recommend any aspiring driver to connect with Ambitious Drivers :)
Isabel Bhuiyan
Melissa Bhukhan
Mukhtar is the best driving instructor ever! He ALWAYS arrived at my house on time and helped me freshen up my skills to successfully pass my G test! My driver examiner was late at DriveTest and Mukhtar made sure I wasn't nervous and made me calm before my test! Thank you so much! The receptionist is extremely rude however! She "forgot" that I paid her in full and she ended up placing me on hold for over 10 mins. I hung up and called back and she said she "forgot" I was on hold. Another time, I called her before my first first driving lesson and she was rude on the phone and said "if u booked it he'll get there when he gets there". She was rude from the beginning unfortunately! However Mukhtar is amazing!
Melissa Bhukhan
Rebecca Jonathan
My driving instructor was Mr. Rafi Masood. He was very patient and kind instructor. He gave helpful criticism and helped me to become a better driver. He is clear with his instructions and takes the time to explain what mistakes I made and how I can correct them. He helped me to pass my G2 test on the first try. Mr. Rafi Masood is a very good driving instructor
Rebecca Jonathan
Adrian Hartanto
I passed my full G test yesterday. Full shout out to my driving instructor Mr. Mukhtar. Effective and efficient teaching way so I got the most during the lesson. Mukhtar is a very experienced instructor. It was really helpful when he spent some time to cover the drive test route before the exact test began.
Adrian Hartanto
Nadia bridge
Booking lessons: To start off, I have to say this process was really quick. The admin took her time and explained how the lesson process works, next thing you know you were assigned an instructor and attending your lessons. The prices are A LOT cheaper than any other driving school. So if you are looking for a school that’s within your budget I would recommend “Ambitious Drivers.” Instructor: The instructor assigned to me was Muhktar. He is one of the best they have. He really takes his time and show you the rights and wrongs on the road as well as give you scenarios to help understand the concept of driving. He helped me gain confidence in parallel parking. Lessons with Muhktar resulted in passing my G2 road test on the first attempt! Overall, the day of my test the admin, aka Rubina personally drove me to my test and back. She made me feel very comfortable and calm. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be there for me. This was an amazing experience I had with a driving school. Thank you Ambitious Drivers. I’ll be coming again for my G. :)
Nadia bridge
Pranav Jain
Great experience with Ambitious Drivers Inc. Especially, the owner Rubina, she is very nice and had hired good professional drivers. I just passed my G2 test in just 2 classes and they have low class prices than their competition. All in all, great experience and money valued.
Pranav Jain
Oren Michal
My driving instructor's name is Sumble. She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a calm, and relaxing and extremely positive instructor that helped me so much. When I met her I was a very nervous driver but with her tools and techniques, I overcame my fears and now feel so comfortable driving. I had two other instructors that I used from other driving schools that were not able to help me as much as Sumble, especially with passing my G2 test. But when I started to take lessons from Sumble, I passed with flying colours. She is absolutely AMAZING and I truly enjoyed taking lessons from her. I wish I knew her earlier. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me. Going from a scared and nervous driver to a driver who LOVES to drive now and is confident is a BIG deal especially for me. She is absolutely THE BEST!!!!!!!!! If you are looking for an instructor that is the best and number 1, then you need Sumble!!!!!!! Thank you Sumble so much for all you have done for me!!!!!!!! Words can't tell you just how thankful I am for you!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST, Sumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oren Michal
md gunner
I highly recommend Sumble - she is truly passionate about what she does and is without a doubt the best driving instructor I’ve encountered. I needed to urgently obtain my G2 license in a very short period of time, and Sumble helped me pass my G2 road test with the examiner remarking that they had no further comments to offer (zero mistakes). Sumble is very patient, a great communicator and provides frequent feedback re: areas to improve. She tailors lessons by focusing on your weak areas, converting them to strengths and boosting your driving confidence. She is very comprehensive, yet highly efficient and ensures you are adequately prepared to do well in your driving test. Even more importantly, she teaches you to continue to be a safe and competent driver once you have your license. Thank you Sumble for your excellence .
md gunner
Zain Kanani
My instructor was Rafi Masood. He is an amazing instructor....very calm, patient and caring! He is also very experienced and his teaching is very clear. He gave me a lesson before my G2 and G test in the area where I was being tested. He wanted me to feel comfortable and confident. My experience was just awesome....I passed both G2 and G test!! Thank you Rafi for all your support! I highly recommend him.
Zain Kanani
Joseph Serranilla
Sumble was indeed an amazing driving instructor. She taught all the tips and tricks needed to succeed in the driving test. She was very kind but will give honest constructive feedback. I recommend her for drivers at any level.
Joseph Serranilla