Driving with Friends

While learning how to drive, teens must take two tests, one written and one behind the wheel. This also means they need to take two different classes before they take each test. Teens should listen in these classes and be mature. The first step to being safe is to be taught correctly. You should become.. read more →

17 Jul 2014
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Don’t Become a Statistic – Wear your Seatbelt

Nothing is worse than hearing about the death of people who didn’t wear their seat belts, especially when it is revealed later that they would have survived if only they had buckled up. The seat belt was not designed as a car decoration, or to be selectively worn on highways or mountainous roads. The seatbelt.. read more →

03 Jul 2014
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Traffic Sign and Road Marking Knowledge Improves Driving

Learning how to operate a car does not necessarily make you a good driver, your safety is also determined by how attentive you are on the road. This is why it is of utmost importance that you are able to understand the meaning of all traffic signs and make correct use of them. Traffic signs.. read more →

18 Jun 2014
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Driving a Manual Car

Driving a car with a manual transmission is quite different from driving an automatic one. In a sense, when you drive a manual car, you have more control. You get to decide when to shift gears instead of letting the car decide for you. Once you have decided, you have a third extra pedal (the.. read more →

23 May 2014
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Teenage Driving

Teenagers generally have all the physical traits and qualities to be good drivers. Their sight and hearing is sharp and their reflexes are quick and efficient. Yet despite the advantage of having these physical traits, statistics still show that teenagers are eight times more likely to get into an automobile accident than drivers who have.. read more →

09 May 2014
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How to Overcome Driving Test Jitters

Some people are brilliant at things until it comes to taking tests. The nerves and pressure often get the best of them and they lose their calmness and control. Passing the driving test is often as much about confidence and a relaxed and focused approach as anything else, and the ability to cope with stress.. read more →

25 Apr 2014
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A Good Driving Record and Insurance Premiums

What is the difference between a bad driving record and a good one? As much as several thousand dollars a year or more in auto insurance payments! A good driving record can mean a difference of thousands of dollars a year on auto insurance. If you are a good driver with no violations or accidents,.. read more →

09 Apr 2014
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Myths of Drinking and Driving

When we consume alcohol our central nervous system, which normally warns us of potential dangers, begins to relax. The more alcohol is consumed, the less likely a driver will be able to respond to dangers, especially when driving. Alcohol dulls the very skills and coordination needed to drive safely. Myth #1: “Coffee will sober me.. read more →

20 Mar 2014
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Ambitious Drivers Promotes Road Safety

As part of our commitment to promote safe driving practices, Ambitious Drivers provides specialized courses like defensive driving, incident avoidance and other complementary activities that promote progressive driver development. In the last few years, Ambitious Drivers has witnessed exponential growth and today boasts an impressive fleet of training cars backed by professional and well trained.. read more →

05 Mar 2014
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Avoid Dangerous Distractions When Driving

The danger of drinking while driving is well documented, if not always well heeded. Today’s drivers however are functioning under the influence of a host of distractions, and they too can prove deadly. All of the efforts of car manufacturers to make today’s cars safer are diluted by irresponsible drivers who do not think that.. read more →

19 Feb 2014
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