I don’t have enough words to thank Mr. Mukhtar, my driving Instructor, for his best guidance and perfect instructions which proved that I have passed my driving test on the first try for G2. He has given me 10 hours training. I had no driving experience. I must say this credit goes to my instructor’s method of teaching which made me comfortable in driving in a shortest possible time. Ms Rubina, Office Manager is also very cooperative and helpful.
I highly recommed “Ambitious Drivers” to all who are interested in learing driving and to be qualfied sooner than expected.

Samina Wajid

Best driving school. Rubina is very supportive as well as Mukhtar, my driving instructor. I wanted to get my license for a long time and after a huge delay, Mukhtar was able to help me achieve my goal. This driving school truly goes out of there way to help you get your license, even if you feel nervous. Thanks again for everything! 5 star rating for the best driving school.

Abby Ramkissoon

My instructor was Rafi, and he is the kindest and most patient driving teacher! I had another driving teacher who I had learnt from before (from another academy), and I failed my G2 the first time. Then I decided to do lessons with Ambitious and Rafi gave me the confidence to pass the second time. With my last instructor, I felt nervous around him and was uneasy while driving. Rafi, however, made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I give all the credit to him and recommend him to any first-time drivers, or drivers even in need of extra practice!

Arthi Manivannan

A week ago I went for my G2 classes and road test. Excellent service and knowledgeable instructors. If anyone gets a chance to learn with Arshad, go for it. He does a fantastic job instructing new drivers. Ambitious Drivers makes sure that you pass.

Syed Husain

I learned a lot from this driving school and the instructor was great. Thanks to Mukhtar for teaching me a lot about driving as I am a new driver. Thank you Mukhtar.

Mohammad Sahban

My instructor Mukhtar was kind and patient. He puts trust in the student and builds their confidence by allowing them to make their own choices while providing immediate feedback. His constructive criticism is extremely beneficial. I’ve had very little driving experience prior to my 6 lessons with Mukhtar, and I passed my G2 test on the first try at Oshawa!

Saba Jawaid

My in-car instructor Shakeel absolutely made me a better driver. He prepped me nicely for my G2 road test and I passed it on my first attempt. Overall I would definitely recommend

Jeremy Smith

Mukhtar is the man! Passed my G2 and my G with ambitious drivers and I highly recommend this driving school to everyone. Years back!

Vickson Persaud

It was a great experience in the class with Mukhtar. He was very knowledgeable about all the driving topics and I learned a lot. He was also very professional and made everyone comfortable in class. I felt confident on my first driving lesson as well with Wahab. He is very observant while making sure you are learning from your mistakes. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone.

Andrew Arezza

Best place for every new driver. I had a great experience with ambitious drivers. Very professional and helpful instructors especially Mukhtar Bajwa and assistant Mrs. Rubina. I am extremely satisfied and I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for professional and best driving school.

Saeema Ahmedzai

It was a great atmosphere. Mukhtar, our in-class instructor, makes you feel at ease and ensures you are getting all the proper learning. Wahab was an awesome driving instructor who was patient and knowledgeable. Thanks for helping me get my license!

Janice Fulay

Reasonable prices for excellent driving instructions.
Had Mukhtar for the G1 exit test, and freeway lessons – very professional and helpful.
The owner is also very friendly and professional, and answered my questions anytime I called (including evenings and weekends)!

Joanna Liu

Very professional and helpful! Extremely satifised! Mukhtar is a very good teacher and driving instructor. He gives detailed information about road safety and hes also really patient & kind. Mrs.rubina is very sweet & friendly aswell. I highly recommend this driving school to everyone. Thank you mukhtar for helping me gain confidence on the road. I am now a certified ambitious driver 🙂

Sheena Norlee

Reasonable prices for excellent driving instructions.
Had Mukhtar for the G1 exit test, and freeway lessons – very professional and helpful.
The owner Rubina is also very friendly and professional, and answered my questions anytime I called (including evenings and weekends)!

Happy Customer

Great driving school! I took 5 in car driving lessons with Mukhtar after a number of years avoiding getting my license. He was extremely patient, and very knowledgable. Whenever he had something that I needed to work on he would always follow it up with something positive I had been doing as well. After the 5 lessons we went up to Oshawa to take my road test and I passed on my first attempt. I would highly recommend this school and Mukhtar in particular. Also to add, I had noticed some comments saying he has issues with being on time (which the driving school reiterated when they recommended him), I had no issues with him being late throughout my time with him and he would always communicate with me prior to the lesson. Thank you Mukhtar for allowing me to finally get out on the road. I will definitely use this school for my final road test !

Matthew Harwood

Today i passed my G2 test on the first try. I highly recommend the in-car driving instructor they assigned to me, Arshad. He was very patient, flexible with hours, and easy to contact. Most of all, he is very great teacher due to the fact he explains driving procedures very clear and teaches you very thoroughly. Thank you so much for helping me accomplish passing my test Arshad! Also, thank you to the rest of the staff at ambitious drivers!

Stacy Williams

Today I passed my G2 on the first try and I owe it all to my amazing in car instructor Arshad. He was patient, kind and attentive. I highly recommend ambitious drivers to anyone looking for a great driving school in the GTA.

Romana Tariq

Today i got my G2 on my first try thanks to ambitious drivers after 10hours of in car lessons with my instructor Arshad! I highly recommend asking for Arshad as your instructor he’s patient and will help you become not only a knowledgeable driver but a safe driver. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor he’s honestly the best and had so much confidence in me!


I learned a lot and my instructor, Mukhtar was very helpful and informative. I was able to pass my G on the first try with 6 lessons! The owner, Rubina was also very nice and explained things clearly to me. The prices were also very reasonable and in the end, was worth it. One issue though, if you get Mukhtar, he can be late so I suggest if you get him, to book your lessons on days when you don’t have much going on. Overall, I highly recommend Ambitious Drivers- they teach you everything you need to know, you will pass on the first try, and it is the best value for your dollar.

Ryan Chatterjee

I am writing to personally thank the entire team – Ms. Rubina, Mr. Arshad and the classroom instructor Mukhtar Bajwa in helping me understand the driving rules to be followed in Ontario and Canada. Special mention of Mr. Arshad, the driving instructor, who was always correcting the bad driving habits I have been carrying since many years. I appreciate that. I wish you the best. I shall certainly recommend to others.


Just wanted to leave a thank you message to Ambitious. Special thanks to Rafi who was my car/driving instructor and Mukhtar who was my in-class instructor. Both were great teachers. My in-car experience with Rafi was great and relaxing. I learned a lot and passed first try on my G2 without any trouble.


I had an awesome instructor. Mukhtar was very helpful and kind. Helped me to gained confidence while teaching me all the proper ways of controlling the car. I would recommend this driving school to all my family and friends. I would recommend this driving school to everyone who is looking to get their licences. I feel very Blessed to have come across Ambitious Driving School.

Leslie-Ann Thomas

Greatest experience! Was recommended by two coworkers and then I recommended to my sister. I passed my G2 test first try! They are so helpful here! Thanks Ambitious!

Ashley Rasheed

Many thanks to the Ambitious Drivers staff. I learned a lot from Mukhtar, from parking to making proper turns, and from there I applied it on the road. Of course with the help of Arshad, I have to say I couldn’t have passed my G2 without him. I truly recommend this to people who are looking to learn how to drive the right way and the safe way.

OMG!!!!!!! Let me start off by saying, I love everything about ambitious. I did research on all the other Driving schools and this place had the best ratings for passing your G2 and your G. I went to the 4 day in class, they were not boring. Mukhtar is the best. I got the privilege of having him as my Driving Instructor as well. Me being a 39 year old never Driving before, was a scary thought. Having Rubina and Mukhtar supporting me all the way. All I had to do was sign up, and they did the rest. NO STRESS!!! I got my G2 no problem. I cannot wait to go in September for my G. Anyone wanting a CHEAPER school with the best people to help with your dream of driving, call them right now. Trust me, you will be making a review in 6-8 weeks.

Cheryl Campel

I just passed my g2 road test thanks to my driving instructor Arshad. He was very kind, patient and informative. He took me driving for the first time in my life a couple of months ago, and today I finally passed and will finally be able to drive on my own! Thank you so much to everyone at Ambitious Drivers for helping me learn how to drive!


Ambitious Drivers Inc.Driving a été pour moi une Ecole Professionnelle appropriée en matière de Conduite d’Auto, avec beaucoup de maîtrise. Après avoir suivi, en classe, 20 heures des cours théoriques et, en dehors de classe, 10 heures de la Pratique ( Practice ), j’ai acquis les connaissances et l’expérience recomandées pour conduire une Auto sans accidents en Ontario.

Que le Ministère des Transports en Ontario qui a autorisé le fonctionnement d’un tel Etablissement trouve, ici, l’expression de notre profonde Gratitude.Je remercie et félicite les responsables et instructeurs de Ambitious Drivers Inc pour le travail de qualité qu’ils fournissent chaque jour, de lundi à samedi, notamment: Monsieur MUKHTAR BAJWA, Monsieur RAHAB et Madame RUBINA.

Les détenteurs du Permis G1 de n’importe quelle Nationalité en Ontario qui désirent se faire former sont les bienvenus dans cette Ecole qui fait la différence. Les cours sont sanctionnés par l’obtention d’un Certificat ayant un impact considérable sur l’Assurance-Véhicule. Cette Ecole est située au croisement de Brimley Rd et Ellesmere Rd, à Scarborough. J’en suis un heureux bénéficiaire.

Pasteur Charles Kajingu Mpumpu

I actually just passed my G2 today so I figured I’d take this opportunity to thank my instructors! I took the Certificate Course and had the pleasure of being Mukhtar’s student. To say the least, he was very knowledgeable about his practice, patient and funny. I was extremely comfortable learning how to drive with him and was able to progress significantly. I also had the pleasure of meeting Rubina on my test day and she makes every efforts to calm your nerves before your road test and gave us very important points about the test. At Ambitious Drivers, they genuinely want you to succeed so they are always teaching you the right techniques. You can’t find a better deal, based on the price point as well as the experience gained, than Ambitious Drivers.

I will be coming back here to get my G license soon. See you then!


I wasn’t too sure which driving school to choose from but I definitely made the right choice in the end. Being a student at Ambitious Drivers was a great experience and I highly recommend it to any others looking to attend a driving school. The price was very reasonable and Mr. Mukhtar was a great, kind and patient teacher. His in-class lessons we’re interesting and thorough, as well as humorous at times. Also, I couldn’t have asked for a better in-car teacher they had set me up with upon completing the in-class lessons. Both the in-class and in-car lessons helped me prepare for and pass my G2 Road Test. I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me at Ambitious Drivers!

Dwayne Chapeski

I had a really good experience with Ambitious Drivers. The classroom teaching with Mr. Mukhtar was Fluid,Funny and more interesting than I thought it would be. The different videos made it was very informational and eye opening. Im glad i choose this driving school over others.

Ayodele Adeoye

Hello Ambitious Drivers! I have posted the following review on Google and give you permission to use it on your website: “I would like to thank Mukhtar for helping me get my G2 license today! It was because of your patience, your calm demeanour, your knowledge and kindness that I was able to pass on my first try! I was so nervous to start driving, but you made me feel confident and gave me all the skills to become a safe driver! I am so glad I found YOUR school and gave it a chance! I will and already have recommended you to my friends…Thank you again, for everything you have done. PLUS no one can beat you prices! Your grateful ‘very nervous student’


Cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Mukhtar Bajwa enough! Thank you so much for the help and patience. From the beginning Ms. Rubina and Mr. Mukhtar were so nice from the start and the knowledge I was able to acquire from the lessons were a great help for final G2 test! I was able to pass on the first try! I highly recommend this driving school for anyone looking for help to prepare themselves for any driving tests they would like to take! Once again I thank you so much Ambitious Drivers!

Kesiah T

OMG I had the best experience at Ambitious Driver’s. Rubina, Mukhtar,and Arshad were amazing . I learned a lot and it was fun. BEST driving school in Toronto .

-Samantha Smith

I went to this driving school hoping that in a short period of time I’ll be able to pass and get my G license. And true to its name, Ambitious drivers delivered! I easily passed the road test and got my G license in 2 weeks. I want to thank Mr. Mukhtar for prepping me for the road test. He’s really professional and taught me how to drive properly. He made our in-car lessons lively and very informative. I also want to thank Ms. Rubina for helping me schedule my exam and strategize on how I will pass the test. I highly recommend ambitious drivers for those who want to learn in a fun and stress free way.

– Paul B.

Many thanks to Mr. Mukhtar and Ms Rubina of Ambitious Drivers Inc. I passed my G drive test without a hitch! I highly recommend Ambitious Drivers to anyone who really want to learn the basic skills and techniques to become a safe and defensive driver. The classroom sessions are well structured and informative as to the laws and regulations, the how to react safely to different driving situations, all the sessions are simplified and are easy to understand. The in car sessions made me realize how important it is to have the correct skills and attitude to be a safe driver on the road. Thanks to the patience and exceptional knowledge that Mr. Mukhtar shared to me. Thank you Ms Rubina for your kind accomodation! More power to you!

– J. Ferma

I have to say thank you! I’ve been to a driving school before this one and I must say this was the better one of the two. I came to Ambitious Drivers not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. My in class instructor Mukhtar Bajwa was exceptional! and my in car instructor was just superb! patient and flexible. Thank you!

– Samantha Calder

I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have had Mukhtar as my Driving Instructor. He gave great advice and was confident in me. I’d never have thought that I would have passed my test first time. Thank you for all your help and couldn’t have asked for a better Instructor. I also wanted to thank Rubina for her kindness and professionalism, YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST.

– Danielle

I’m writing this email to say thank you for helping me learn how to become a safe new driver and especially to Sam who was patient and strict but is the reason to why I have passed my g2 test. He was also very flexible with hours and I appreciate that. Without ambitious drivers I would not have been able to have completed the 2nd step to getting my license.

– Natasha Newhook

I had a great experience with Ambitious Drivers Inc. With very little driving experience, I was able to complete my in class training and driving instructions within 1 month. Thankfully, the driver was very patient and knowledgeable and I got my G2 license the first time I went for it. I am extremely satisfied and cannot wait to complete my G license!

– Anisa Francique

I want to sincerely express my thanks and appreciation for Mr. Mukhtar and Ms. Rubina from Ambitious Driving School, Scarborough. Within 3 weeks of short period I got my G license, isn’t it enough to prove how professionally well organized and result oriented this school is ! I honestly admit that it’s because of the in-car lessons given by Mukhtar. He is a great instructor and very professional. He was very flexible about my timings for lessons. Before attending in-class lesson I was under impression that it would be boring, however, Mukhtar not only made it lively but very informative. Ms. Rubina from school helped me booking the test, selecting location for test and guided me for the exam. She made me at ease during test which gives me lot of confidence to clear the test. I definitely recommend Ambitious Driving School ! Thumbs up !!!

– Rupesh

The driving instructor for Ambitious Drivers was very informative with sharing basic rules for driving during the classes. He also applied the basic road information while taking us for driving lessons On the road. The instructor was very helpful and patient which made it a lot easier to be at ease while driving.

– Shannan Jones

Thumbs up for M.Bajwa for getting me on the road. He was very patient and understanding. I passed my road test on my first try! I would recommend Ambitious Drivers to all my friends.

– From n.k.

Many Thanks I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to your instructor Mr. Mukhtar who gave me the driving lessons. Me and my family could not believe when I passed my driving test in first attempt. He taught me from scratch and gave me clear instructions which made the whole process very simple. His patience made me feel at ease. He is a great instructor and very professional. I definitely recommend this driving school to any one as their approach is very mature and accommodating. Please pass on my sincere thanks to him. All the best

– Umar

I had a really good experience with Ambitious Drivers. The classroom teaching was well structured and more interesting than I thought it would be. My practical instructor was really nice to spend time with and taught me some really good techniques. I passed my test first . Awesome.