At Ambitious Drivers we are part of the nation-wide campaign to combat drunk driving and underage drinking. All our students are educated on how to become responsible community members and are duly warned about the serious consequences of impaired driving.

Impaired driving is the number one criminal cause of death in Canada. The media recounts countless of stories of people who are fatally injured or killed due to alcohol related crashes and yet impaired driving offenses continue to occur.

Despite years of public service announcements about the dangers of driving drunk and active educational programs advocating for sober driving, everyday a large number of people young and old are getting behind the wheel after one too many drinks.

We tell our students that going out drinking and then driving home in an unfit state could change the course of their life. One second they could be on top of the world and another they may have crashed and killed someone.

Recovery from impaired driving may not always be an option. Being arrested for impaired driving is only the beginning of an arduous and costly journey that could be filled with adversity and hardship.

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