Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, late fall is the perfect time to get your car tuned up for the winter months. Ambitious Drivers recommends that motorists – or their mechanics – thoroughly inspect and update the following vehicle components in preparation for winter.
Following these tips will help prepare you and your vehicle to deal with the most frightful of weather:

– A functional and well-maintained battery is vital in very cold weather. Make sure your battery’s terminals and cables are securely attached and free from corrosion. Replace the battery at the end of the manufacturer’s warranty (usually about 5 years).
– Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have proper air pressure. Tires that aren’t completely and properly inflated have less traction on slippery roads.
– Make sure your tires are in good shape. Look for tire damage and excessive or uneven tread wear. Tires should have at least 1/8 inch of tread depth for best traction.
– Rotate tires every 5,500 to 7,500 miles, and replace damaged or worn tires.
– Make sure that the cooling system has enough antifreeze.
– Make sure that the windshield wipers are in good shape, and that the windshield wiper fluid reserve is filled.
– Check the status of ignition system, thermostat, headlights, hazard lights, exhaust system, heater, brakes, defroster, and engine oil level. If you see anything out of the ordinary, take your car to a trustworthy mechanic.
– Make sure that your ice/snow scrapers and brushes are in good condition. Replace them if they are worn out.

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