Driving Courses & Online Learning

The Ambitious Drivers INC. Driving School specializes in defensive driving, offering mature and new drivers the opportunity to develop and improve their driving skills. Through our online curriculum, we will help you to become a responsible driver and ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, and others on the road.

Why Take Online Courses

Practicing with friends and family is fine, but if you want to become a licensed driver,  you need to follow a structured program that is approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

When you learn from an official online driving course, your safety and education is guaranteed. You will learn the right information while having certified instructors at your disposal if you have questions or lack confidence. We promise that you won’t be the first student to misunderstand something or worry about passing the course – and you certainly won’t be the last!

20 hours of in-class training and 10 hours of driving

Our certified instructors will walk you through the 20 hours of in-class training and 10 hours of driving. They will help you to become comfortable with operating a vehicle and understand the province’s myriad of laws. Additionally, our driver training courses include 10 hours of online homework.

This driving course outline provides a breakdown of what drivers-in-training can expect:


The exam is a total of 35 questions, and you must obtain a 70% or higher score to pass the course as per the BDE MTO Standards. You have three attempts to pass the final exam. 

HOMELINKS: 10 HOURS (includes multiple choice questions and assignments)

Guaranteeing Driver Safety

We want you to feel secure whenever you’re operating a vehicle. Driver safety depends on:


Practicing constant vigilance will help you to see what is happening around you as you’re driving and anticipate what is coming up, like an accident. While we train our students to be courteous, not everyone will be when on the road.


Leaving space between yourself and the next driver allows you to have some time to see what is happening and take the necessary precautions.


Using the appropriate signals to show everyone around you what your intention is provides them with the necessary time to reaction accordingly.

Driver safety is a vital aspect of driving, so we will cover it in detail.

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Ambitious Drivers guarantees a thorough course program that facilities driver training and online learning.

Students will benefit from instructional videos, real-world driving experience, and practice exams.

The online curriculum offers a balance of basic and complex questions.

With our MTO-approved team of experts to guide you and provide all of the information you need, you’re sure to pass your driving course with flying colours!

Our students can complete their online course program according to their own schedule. We understand how busy people are, so we offer flexibility.

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